The Serious Markets Story

When we uploaded the first financial news content on our website years ago, it was an evolutionary prospect for us as well as our readers. It was an instant way to publish information by us and read the same by you. There was no waiting for a day, week or month as it used to be with the print media in those days. We clearly chose a revolutionary medium to make financial news get served as it happened.

Serious Markets is your one stop for guides, reviews and news on all the latest financial market tools and trends.
Serious Markets aims to offer upto date commentary on the pulse of the financial markets and investment tools and financial market data. We keep up to date with global stock markets, currency markets, cryptocurrency markets and trends as well as guides on commodities and ETF trading.

The Serious Markets Editorial Philosophy

From our day one into financial news website, we have extremely taken care in forwarding the authentic information to our readers. We provide carefully selected stories based on geographical as well as thematic categories. We try to identify trends and ideas in our reports and briefings to keep our readers engaged.

We are not inclined to any political party either in the country or outside. We have a liberal public agenda and always support free trade. We have opposed a couple of laws that limit the democratic involvement of investors and traders. We have frequently advocated bold policies that favor individual freedom.

Conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest are strictly reviewed and re-circulated as we understand the penalty for non-observance of the rules. We disclose any such possible conflicts of interest and our editor-in-chief takes note of all these and updates annually.

Fact Checking & Corrections

All the reports and articles published on our website are checked for accuracy as well as credibility. Our dedicated research team takes care of checking the correctness of the content before publishing.

We are not perfect and never claim to be perfect. We make errors occasionally and hence focus in acknowledging factual errors and try to correct the mistakes as soon as possible. We encourage our readers to point out the errors to us.


We try to attract candidates in our company from a wider range of backgrounds. We remove unnecessary barriers while selecting the candidates. We believe in diversity in gender, ethics, race and ethnicity.


We are independent from the first day after our website was launched years ago. We are private and none of our shares are listed. Our ordinary shares are mainly held by the founding members of the company, employees and past employees. They are not entitled in taking part in the appointment process of our directors. Transfer of such ordinary shares needs approval from the Board of directors.